Home Assist
Home Assist is a Medicare and Medicaid certified provider of in-home skilled nursing and disease management services for adult patients. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is on call 24/7, providing comprehensive and compassionate home care services with the goal of keeping patients at home and reducing readmissions. Basic care procedures are as follows:

  • Patients at a high risk for re-hospitalization are seen by a Registered Nurse in their home within 24 hours of discharge.
  • The first nurse visit entails medication reconciliation, medication plan confirmation, and hospital discharge instruction review.
  • Nurses review, schedule, and reinforce physician follow-up appointments to ensure high risk patients are seen within seven days of discharge.
  • Patients are provided with a disease-specific red light, yellow light, green light symptom plan and instructions on how to respond to them during the first home care visit.
  • During the first 14 days of care, our nurses provide telephone assessments on non-face-to-face visit days.
  • The 24/7 Nurse Line is available for telephone-based responses to health concerns or triage alternative care options to the emergency room.